For me, reading of a face is a more primal skill than language — it is the first thing we learn. Long before we learn to speak we become sensitized to the inherent meaning in expressions. There is a trace of individuality that can be seen in a fraction of a second. My job, as a photographer, is to find the particular moment when something profound, deeply personal, and true, is revealed in a way that can be shared. The message is there—I just have to find it in order to pass it along. In that way I’m like the go-between in the world of spirits, a world of non-verbal communication. Messages are all around—some useful, some misleading— but the ones that serve as the basis for good photographs reveal themselves rarely. The people I photograph have deep spiritual beliefs that govern every aspect of their lives—their religion, their dance, their art and their theatre. I have been allowed access to private moments that would ordinarily be unseen and for that I am thankful.


As far as biographical information is concerned, I was born in Houston in 1949. My life has led me on the usual twisting roads and forked paths that characterize most people's lives. I have been living in Santa Cruz since 1986 where I make my living as a photographer.